Gartner - One Brand of Firewall Is a Best Practice for Most Enterprises

It’s clear that cyber attacks are increasing in sophistication and frequency. At the same time, enterprises are adopting new technologies that increase the risk of a security breach. To stop today’s threats, it’s critical that security products communicate with each other, share continuous threat intelligence, and are easy to manage.

In the research note, One Brand of Firewall Is a Best Practice for Most Enterprises, Gartner discusses the challenges organizations face when they have two or more different firewall platforms deployed on the network, and provides best practices for managing down to one single-firewall brand profile.

Gartner explains why:
  • 99% of firewall breaches will be caused by firewall misconfigurations, not firewall flaws
  • Maintaining dual lines of firewalls wastes budget and resources on duplicate controls
  • Standardizing on one firewall platform, supported by other advanced network security technologies, minimizes risk
For access to the Gartner research note, as well as bonus content from Fortinet, check out the new Fortinet newsletter: One Enterprise Firewall Brand Decreases Complexity and Improves Security.

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Gartner One Brand of Firewall is a Best Practice for Most Enterprises, Adam Hils, Rajpreet Kaur, 05 June 2017.

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