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Waiyan Online

Delivering Robust Security With Effective Application Performance for One of China’s Largest Online eLearning Providers

“Fortinet has enabled us to secure Unipus applications and workloads in the public cloud, which means we can continue to leverage the scalability, metering, and time-to-market benefits of the cloud knowing that our systems and users are safe. Fortinet is a valuable partner, and we will continue to consider its wider product portfolio as our needs evolve over time.”

– Qikun Shang (商其坤), CEO, Waiyan Online


Waiyan Online built Unipus, which creates a new and open platform for foreign language teaching and learning by blending superior resources and advanced information technology. As such, Waiyan Online runs Unipus entirely in the cloud. It serves 70 million students and 1,700 colleges and universities. However, as its cloud platform provider Amazon Web Services (AWS) does not offer a complete native solution for advanced threat prevention, Waiyan Online sought additional help to secure its cloud services. Its attack surface was another concern—the company handles millions of gigabits of traffic and is growing fast.

Waiyan Online deployed a combination of the FortiWeb Web Application Firewall (WAF) and the FortiGate Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW). With FortiWeb, Waiyan Online protects its web applications from threats linked to both known and unknown threats. Meanwhile, the FortiGate NGFWs enable scalable enterprise security at the edge with full visibility and enhanced threat protection and response. The FortiWeb and FortiGate NGFW solutions automatically mitigate most attacks. With the applications team freed from routine security tasks, they can focus their time on higher value work, such as application development.

Learn how Waiyan Online can rest assured that its web applications and edge connections are secured and its service highly available in this case study.

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Integrated public cloud security solution

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Robust high-performance network and application security architecture

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Efficient and effective threat mitigation

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