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Maritime Internet Services Provider Satisfies the Toughest Cybersecurity Demands

“The more you integrate Fortinet into your network and all your onboard hardware, the easier it all gets.”

– Richard de Wit, Founder and CEO, NexusOcean


NexusOcean supplies broadband internet access to offshore energy and merchant shipping companies to meet their business needs and to support crew benefits programs. Its success is based on delivering fast, easy, and reliable access from ship to shore. At the same time, cybersecurity is paramount, due to maritime regulations and increased targeting by cyberthreat actors. By integrating Fortinet Secure SD-WAN into its services portfolio, NexusOcean has gained the ability to prioritize and optimize traffic over the expensive maritime connections while implementing customized security capabilities to protect customer network traffic from cyber threats and prevent data loss or theft.

Learn more about how NexusOcean leverages Fortinet solutions to satisfy its seafaring customers in this case study and video.

Business Impact


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Complies with International Maritime Organization (IMO) guidelines for onboard cybersecurity

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Facilitates secure SD-WAN to manage and protect traffic via satellite

icon benefits reduce complicity

Streamlines implementation and management of all Fortinet solutions for a single vessel or an entire fleet

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