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Network Contacts

Fast, Smart and Secure Remote Working for Employees and Customers

“In only two weeks we were able to deploy smart and secure remote work with strong authentication for all our employees, a record result. When we saw the first 2,000 people simultaneously connected after the first week of work, we were very impressed. Fortinet’s infrastructure is proving itself to be robust and reliable.”

– Mario Modugno, IT Manager for Network Contacts



Network Contacts is a top Italian player in the field of business process outsourcing (BPO), customer relationship management, digital interaction and call & contact center services. It has continually broadened its scope of offerings and the range of industries it serves. To keep up with this growth, the company recently chose to revamp its IT infrastructure. Because data protection was critical to the business, Network Contacts chose Fortinet to implement the security aspects of the new infrastructure and the choice was fortuitous. When the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic suddenly required more than 3,000 Network Contacts employees to work from home, Fortinet’s network security and secure access solutions helped them stay productive and provide excellent customer service.

Learn more about how BPO leader Network Contacts is staying agile and secure amid adversity in this case study.

Business Impact


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Implemented a smart and secure remote-working environment in record time

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Guaranteed strong authentication for employees and customers

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