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Marina Developments Limited

Building a Future-Facing IT Estate for MDL

“We had a lot of IT objectives to achieve, from strengthening perimeter security to assessing traffic segregation more effectively – and our existing equipment wasn’t able to support this, so we needed to act.”

– Keith, Head of IT, Marina Developments Limited


Marina Developments Limited, MDL Marinas, is one of the largest leading marina and water-based leisure providers and is Europe’s largest marina group. MDL Marinas has 20 locations, an extended cruising network of 150 locations in the UK and Europe, and over 300 marine businesses across its estate.

MDL needed a security system that could provide a reliable and secure IT estate to keep operations running smoothly. They wanted to ensure their organization had clear visibility of its IT performance and infrastructure while also taking into consideration the total cost and resources. As a result, Fortinet’s security solutions have reassured MDL business owners that all entry points will be protected and will minimize the risk of a breach.

Learn how Fortinet helped MDL meet its IT and security objectives in this case study.

Business Impact


Visibility Protection

Greater control and more visibility over the IT estate

high performance icon

Improved security and reassurance for business owners

clock icon

Resource and time savings for MDL’s IT team

flexible icon

Flexibility to introduce SD-WAN infrastructure in the future

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