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Lagardère Group

International Media Group Protects 400 Interconnected Entities

“Having a very distributed organization, cybersecurity is crucial for us. We needed to ensure that our IT security policy at corporate level is correctly followed by all our 400 entities. Today we use a holistic fabric technology to correctly protect our information systems”

– Thierry Auger, CISO and Deputy CIO, Lagardère Group


Lagardère Group is an international media group managing various activities all around the world, mainly focused on book publishing, advertising, retail travel, travel essentials, entertainment, radio, TV, magazines and newspapers.

As Lagardère Group is managing IT through 60 different information technology solutions, one of their main challenges was to protect all content linked to their businesses across 400 entities worldwide. It became difficult for them to manage multiple technologies over the years while having deployed, technologies to protect their websites, networks and endpoints. In such a distributed and complex environment, Fortinet offers a holistic fabric technology which helps Lagardere Group receive, collect and aggregate all information from the network.

Learn how Fortinet helps Lagardère Group holistically interconnect and protect their information systems in this video.

Business Impact


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Secures and simplifies IT infrastructures

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Improved security posture

Visibility Protection

Enhanced visibility and control with centralized management tools

Malware Protection

Increased speed of detection and eradication of security threats

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Reduced costs and time resources

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