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Brazilian Public Educational Institution Implements a Convergent Network and Security Infrastructure with the Fortinet Platform

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Located in the metropolitan area of São Paulo, Brazil, Fundação Instituto de Educação de Barueri (FIEB) is a public primary and secondary educational institution. Its network was designed at a time when the school had around 2,000 students, and only 5% of them had access to the internet. Today, it serves 12,000 students and 637 staff members, and everyone needs access for education, administration, and communication.

That is why FIEB upgraded its wide area network (WAN) on-ramps to Fortinet Secure SD-WAN. Previously, the school maintained multiple high-cost WAN links, and link failures required manual rerouting. Now, FIEB can take advantage of less expensive connections, and have its critical applications failover automatically. The small IT team can easily support the fivefold increase in users, thanks to centralized network and security management through the Fortinet Fabric Management Center.

“With Fortinet, our team’s efforts can go further since we can automate many things. That means we can maintain the same team while providing much greater support to our educational community.”

– Humberto Vidal, IT Coordinator, FIEB

Download Case Study

Business Impact

High availability to support connectivity for 12,000 users

Reduced investment in redundant communications links

Centralized network management

Optimized support from the IT team

Gained complete network visibility to prioritize network resources


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