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De Heus

Animal Feed Manufacturer Improves Connectivity with Secure SD-WAN

“With over a century of history to our name, we valued our legacy. But, when it came to plans for the future, we knew we needed to invest in fresh IT strategies to continue to grow.”

– Dirk Van Gelderen, Group Security Officer, De Heus


De Heus is an international animal feeding company providing a growing contribution towards sustainable production of safe and healthy food. They have 70 factories worldwide, centered in four continents; Europe, Africa, Asia, and South America.

De Heus’ IT requirements were growing faster than the company had capacity to support, as they expanded globally. A mixture of existing site infrastructure and technologies, resulted in a high IT spend, but no global strategy and a wide area network (WAN) which consistently came under strain. As business critical information was shared across sites, it was important that De Heus had the security tools in place to support both WAN and cloud environments. They deployed the Fortinet Security Fabric as a result, as well as the secure SD-WAN solution, which has given them confidence that their cloud operations are protected. 

Learn more about De Heus’ journey with this case study and video, which provide details about the organizations choice in selecting and deploying Fortinet Security Fabric as well as the Secure SD-WAN solution.

Business Impact


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Confidence to expand business in the future

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Full access and visibility over network

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Improved reliability and connectivity of critical applications

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Enhanced security and network management

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