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Autodesk Scales Cloud Security with Ease

“By creating a Cloud Security Services Hub within each region and having the FortiGate VM firewalls secure traffic across Amazon VPCs (east-west traffic) consistently across our on-premises and cloud infrastructures, we can address business needs in a much more timely and effective manner while maintaining consistent security posture.”

– Anish John, Cloud Network Architect, Autodesk


Autodesk is a leading provider in design and software for a wide variety of industries. They focus on giving companies and individuals the power to work more quickly, effectively, and sustainably throughout the entire project lifecycle. From the perspective of its networking teams, that vision translates into a bold journey into the cloud, building and scaling a product infrastructure that delivers device and location-agnostic, cloud-only experiences for customers. Autodesk depends heavily on Amazon Web Services (AWS), and it takes advantage of numerous computes, storage, networking, and database resources in AWS.

Autodesk needed scalable and secure cloud security to build new applications and extend internal data centers. Fortinet’s adaptive cloud security enabled Autodesk to implement a scalable, secure VPC model that would both satisfy the north-south firewall requirement and facilitate minimal latency for east-west (inter-VPC) traffic.

Learn why Autodesk chose to leverage Fortinet’s Adaptive Cloud Security solutions for AWS to protect their cloud migration in this video.

Business Impact


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Saved over $1.46 million in operational efficiency improvements

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Increased visibility and a quicker reaction to events


Created VPN attachments from the Transit Gateway to a Fortinet Cloud Security Services Hub VPC consisting of a scalable fleet

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