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Anáhuac Puebla University

Major Mexican University Consolidates Network Infrastructure, Secures Cloud Migration with Fortinet

“We realized that Fortinet was the platform to optimize security, while allowing each site to customize the tools depending on their capabilities and size.”

Fernando Vega González, Systems and Technology Coordinator, Anáhuac University Network


Technology consolidation enhances control and operational efficiency. But it can also make it hard for multi-campus university systems to meet the highly variable needs of their different locations and user communities. So, when the Anáhuac University Network in Mexico sought to upgrade to a more flexible, secure, and reliable network, it opted to standardize on Fortinet.

After a pilot deployment at its most technologically advanced campus, Anáhuac rolled out a variety of Fortinet Security Fabric components systemwide. These provided customized protection everywhere from campus data centers to the cloud to remote endpoints. Centralized management has enabled not only efficient security and network operations, but also rapid rollout of virtual services during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Learn how this globally top-ranking university is confidently navigating network security, performance and data privacy in this case study.

Business Impact


icon benefits reliable

High availability of network infrastructure to support cloud migration and growth

cloud ready icon

Secure, cloud-enabled network infrastructure to enable additional services

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Complete network visibility and improved network performance

Hyperscale Security

Enabled more than 1,000 remote VPN access connections for staff in two days, ensuring continuity of all services

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