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Overview, Goals, and Scope


ICSA Labs is an independent division of Verizon that provides third-party testing and certification. This testing aims to bolster confidence in products and technologies that underpin today’s enterprise and government IT infrastructure.


With its appropriate sets of evolving security criteria requirements and testing methodologies that are applicable internationally, ICSA Labs security testing provides assurance that is sorely needed in times when so much of what we do online is at risk.”


Fortinet conducts independent security effectiveness testing across a variety of technology areas encompassing:

  1. Firewall
  2. Network Intrusion Prevention System
  3. Advanced Threat Defense
  4. Advanced Threat Defense - Email Security 
  6. IPsec VPN
  7. Web Application Firewall

Key Principles and Reports

Fortinet’s test encompassed a wide array of FortiGate products (physical and virtual), tested against industry-approved test criteria.

This ICSA test focuses on products that prevent exploits targeting vulnerabilities. FortiGate enables virtual

Fortinet has twenty consecutive years of ATP testing with ICSA Labs.

ICSA tests the efficacy of FortiMail to detect malicious attachments and URLs.

These ICSA tests include FortiGate NGFW and FortiClient.

ICSA tests focused on testing products for authentication, data integrity, and confidentiality.

ICSA tests focused on products showing policy enforcement for web-based applications.