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Overview, Goals, and Scope


CyberRatings provides unbiased ratings, technical reports and industry analysis for a variety of cybersecurity technologies. 

CyberRatings tested on a broad scope which included threat protection, management, reliability, stability, performance, and TCO to score various different vendors on how effective each vendor’s cloud network firewalls are. Vendors were exposed to various different threat tests in CyberRatings’ threat repository to ensure the vendor’s product successfully detected evasions and block exploits. Performance tests were performed to ensure the vendor’s solution can receive consistent traffic loads without packet losses and can successfully perform under different ciphers for HTTPS without high performance degradation.

Fortinet earned a AAA rating, avoiding 100% of evasions and blocking 100% of exploits, and had overall high performance with zero packet loss.


CyberRatings testing is intended to gauge the effectiveness of the current cloud network firewall solutions in providing a high performance security product that is easy to use, consistently reliable, and accurately detect and block threats from successfully entering an organization’s cloud network environment. The test is the first ever third-party testing of cloud network firewalls.



Key Principles

Reliable Performance

High performing security solution with minimal performance degradation and consistent traffic enforcement.


Detect and protect various different threats used for evasion and exploits.

Efficient management

Proper routing and policy enforcement with robust capabilities