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Campus Wired and Wireless

Enable and Secure the Campus LAN Edge

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Campus LAN Edge

Local-area networks (LANs) in campus settings are dynamic and complex, making them challenging to secure and manage. Management platforms for many solutions may allow IT staff to see network elements in a common interface, but core components are far from being integrated. Without a common framework, the resulting networks are difficult for IT teams to manage and secure.

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The Fortinet LAN Edge Campus solution offers a secure integrated approach, which simplifies management and operations while offering unparalleled security to the network access layer. The LAN Edge Campus solution is comprised of the FortiGate Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW), FortiSwitch Ethernet switches, and FortiAP wireless access points. It offers Security-Driven Networking, enabling a convergence of security and network access. The network access layer is designed and managed within an integrated security framework, the Fortinet Security Fabric.

Fortinet achieves this integration through FortiLink, the proprietary protocol that converges our LAN Edge products into the Security Fabric. This allows for direct control, configuration, and management of attached FortiAPs and FortiSwitches through the FortiGate. FortiLink integration extends NGFW features and inspection to the wired and wireless network as if they were interfaces on the firewall.

In comparison to other vendor offerings, this convergence is a true integration of the security and access layers and also provides a single interface and operating system to manage these core network functions.  

FortiLink is an unlicensed feature and is available in all but the most specialized FortiGate models, reducing both licensing complexity and cost. Role-based access and control implementation is simplified with powerful FortiGate NGFW policies. Further, entry-level network access control (NAC) secure IoT management is included with advanced capabilities. And multi-vendor support is available through FortiNAC.

Leveraging the LAN Edge Campus solution, IT teams can:

  • Simplify day-to-day management and troubleshooting by limiting the number of screens and operating systems
  • Deliver a digital experience that is secure
  • Address some of the most pressing security challenges such as IoT

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Key Capabilities

Reduced Complexity

Features included without licensing fees. Single configuration and OS for wired, wireless, and security.

True Integration

Security-Driven Networking and integrated NAC for secure IoT

Easy Management

Single-pane-of-glass management both natively and through the cloud

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