Professional Services for Security Products

Fortinet's comprehensive product portfolio enables secure mission-critical environments. Our Professional Services organization has services to provide technical consulting on Fortinet solutions. The team has expertise with Fortinet and other vendor platforms, as well as industry network and security standards knowledge.

Service Design & Transition Phase

  • Network Design & Integration: Optimizes the integration of the Fortinet solution and advises on proposed design solutions. 
  • Design & Configuration Review: Provides a review of design documentation and accompanying configuration files. 
  • Design & Configuration Validation: Concentrates on the verification of the business-centric aspects of the customer environment and includes implementation of customer-specific test plans.
  • Firewall Migration & Replacement Campaign: Provides “production-to-production” project support for customers migrating from a third-party vendor.
  • Software Upgrade & Platform Migration Campaign: Assures a software upgrade or hardware migration.
  • Product Workshops: Provide tailored training on a design solution created by Fortinet Professional Services.
  • Technical Design Authority & Implementation: Provides a design lead throughout the project to ensure any issues that may arise are taken care of.

Service Operation Phase

Service Operation includes the following service offerings:

  • FortiGate Health Check: Measures operational performance of the firewall in the customer’s production environment and provides a firewall review to identify issues and provide configuration-tuning recommendations. 
  • Security Hardening: Provides up-to-date platform and version-specific hardening advice.
  • Compliancy Audit Preparation:  Gives guidance on audit and compliance processes, including advice on the correct and optimal configuration of the deployed Fortinet solution. 
  • Configuration Verification: Recalibrates, restructures, or redesigns the customer’s solution so that it is optimally deployed to meet current demands.
  • Lab Testing & Validation: Gives assistance in performing functional testing as well as making planned network change (e.g., configuration change, upgrades, etc.) outcomes predictable and measurable.
  • Dedicated Resource Service: Provides operational technical assistance by a Fortinet certified engineer. This service is available either remotely or on-site.

Professional Services for Wireless Products

Wi-Fi has evolved from a network of convenience into a transport system for mission-critical applications. The range of Wi-Fi-only connected devices has dramatically increased and has created constantly evolving demand on network administrators. To meet these challenges, our Professional Services organization provides a full range of services on Fortinet wireless solutions. These services are focused on four main areas:

  • Coverage: For the most effective Wi-Fi coverage, the optimal placement of access points is critical. Accurate placement of the WLAN infrastructure ensures predictable radio frequency coverage and simplifies physical deployment. This includes Predictive Site Survey and Passive & Active Site Survey service options.
  • Configure: Once the physical characteristics of the infrastructure have been verified, the Professional Services team can advise on the design and integration of the Fortinet solution into the wired network. This can include design and implementation services, device configuration, and solution validation. These services ensure that the deployed solution will respect security and Wi-Fi best practices.
  • Assess: The Assess service focuses on customers who are facing or have experienced a change in the number of Wi-Fi clients. The Assess service combines elements from the Coverage and Configure services but focuses them on an existing network infrastructure. This may form part of the verification of an existing design or be utilized in combination with a planned network evolution.
  • Wellness: The Wellness service is designed for customers who are experiencing issues in their Wi-Fi networks and require assistance in troubleshooting the root cause. The service aims to analyze, review, and make recommendations on how to best optimize the network.