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Incident Response & Readiness Services

Expert preparation for, investigation of and recovery from cyber attacks

Experienced a Breach?
FortiGuard Incident Response Service

Incident Response & Readiness Services

Critical Services Available Before, During, and After a Security Incident

Fast detection, fast investigation, fast containment, and a fast return to safe operation is critical to minimizing the impact of a compromise.  Fortinet’s Incident Response & Readiness Services arm your team with the support they need to do so. Whether you need real-time support in a crisis, or the best possible preparation should an incident occur, Fortinet has flexible service offerings to help enterprise IT and security teams of all sizes navigate through high pressure and high stakes cybersecurity incidents. 

Incident Response Service

No one likes to think about their network under attack. But sometimes it happens.

  1. How did they get into your network? (initial access)
  2. Are they still there? (persistence)
  3. What is their entire footprint on your network? (lateral movement and indicators of compromise)
  4. Have they achieved more access? (privilege escalation and cred access)
  5. How long have they been there (i.e. dwell time)?
  6. What is their end goal – collection and data exfil, theft, or destruction; brand damage, other?
  7. What is needed to scope, contain, eradicate and repair?

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Incident Readiness Services

It’s difficult to find time to be proactive when so much time is spent in react mode. But preparation is key – even if you can’t prevent 100% of what hits you, you can readily respond and get back to business. Are you ready for an incident?

  1. When was the last time you assessed your state of readiness to respond to an incident?
  2. Have you developed playbooks that enable you to respond swiftly and effectively?
  3. Do you exercise your playbooks through tabletop exercises and other means?
  4. How often are your playbooks exercised?
  5. How do you onboard new security team members for readiness?

Get ready - with incident experts: Enterprises can choose from Incident Response Readiness assessment, Playbook development, Tabletop exercises and Incident Response Retainer services.  

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Why Fortinet?

  1. Experienced staff – decades of first-hand investigatory and response experience
  2. Expert skills
  3. Bleeding edge threat intelligence and research (FortiGuard Labs)
  4. Cutting edge incident response/forensics technology
  5. Established processes

Fortinet can arm your teams with the right preparation or help you respond to a critical incident.

Threat Hunter

Seasoned Threat Hunters and Incident Responders

Visibility Protection

Powerful Investigation Tools

Unique Defuse

Unique Defuse Capability

Procedures and Processes

Established Procedures and Processes

Threat Intelligence

Robust Threat Intelligence