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Endpoint Security, Hygiene, and VPN Together

FortiClient endpoint protection natively integrates with FortiGate NGFW network security and enables endpoint protection, visibility, control, and remote VPN access for the Fortinet Security Fabric. Deep integration with the FortiGate ensures web security and content filtering remain even when users are off network and network access is enforced based on risk, compliance or a zero-trust network framework.

Features and Benefits

Effective Endpoint Security

  • Enterprise-grade machine learning antivirus, exploit prevention, web filtering, and sandbox integration
  • Automated quarantine and patching of applications and operating systems
  • Off-network VPN and ZTNA with web and content filtering enforcement

Easy Oversight

  • Deploy thousands of clients in minutes to Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Chromebook
  • Simplify compliance with visibility into applications, vulnerabilities, and overall risk
  • Integrated endpoint and network security work together to maintain consistency

Ransomware Prevention

  • Identify indicators of compromise and automatically quarantine at-risk endpoints to prevent outbreaks
  • Roll back endpoints to pre-infection states
  • Thwart complex attacks hiding in your network with EDR

Use Cases

Supporting a Remote Workforce with  VPN and Zero-Trust Options

Supporting a Remote Workforce with VPN and Zero-Trust Options

Get users connected quickly and easily to the office with integrated VPN at no additional cost and designed as part of the Fortinet Security Fabric. Prevent credential theft with technologies like MFA and Single Sign-On (SSO) to simplify identity access management and build a zero-trust framework.

How to Design a Scalable Remote Access Solution
Running on Endpoints and Implementing Proper Business Policies

See What’s Running on Endpoints and Implement Proper Business Policies

Scan for vulnerabilities and automatically patch at-risk applications and operating systems to prevent exploits. Gather software inventories and use an application firewall to help reduce the attack surface.

10 Cyber Hygiene Tips & Best Practices

Part of the Fortinet Security Fabric

FortiClient helps strengthen your overall security posture with modern endpoint protection, rich telemetry, and client visibility shared across the Fortinet Security Fabric. Native integration means less time overseeing interoperability and troubleshooting and more time getting back to business.

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