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How is FortiGate-VM different from the physical FortiGate firewall?

FortiGate-VM is the award-winning physical FortiGate packaged as a virtual appliance.  FortiGate-VM delivers the same FortiOS and FortiGuard real time threat intelligence as the hardware models, in a virtual form factor.  FortiGate-VM offers flexible licensing and provisioning for virtual network deployments. 

What are some advantages of FortiGate virtual appliance compared to other industry solutions?

Fortinet is a market leader in virtual and physical security.  Some standout capabilities include:

  • Leader in Gartner 2017 Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Firewalls. 
  • Delivers many network and security services as virtual appliances. 
  • Integrated with Security Fabric to deliver broad, automated protection from IoT to the cloud.   
  • Virtual Domains (VDOMs) provide enhanced multi-tenancy.
  • Highest performance and scalability of any virtual firewall available today. 
  • Industry’s most comprehensive FortiGuard security services.
  • Fabric Connectors provide automated security in hybrid networks.

What are the different types of virtual appliances available from Fortinet?

Fortinet offers many Fabric network and security services as virtual appliances.  In addition to FortiGate-VM, the following virtual appliances are available:

  • FortiManager-VM
  • FortiAnalyzer-VM
  • FortiSIEM-VM
  • FortiWeb-VM
  • FortiMail-VM
  • FortiSandbox-VM

How do VDOMs (virtual domains) enhance multi-tenancy in a FortiGate-VM?

The VDOM capability in FortiGate-VM enables each VM to split its resources and function as multiple, independent firewalls with separate security policies and controls.  This enables provisioning of multiple tenants into a single VM with granular security policies for each VDOM, and lets you take advantage of the economies of scale and lower costs.

How do I select the right FortiGate-VM for my needs?

FortiGate-VM is available on a range of hypervisors, SDN and cloud technology platforms, and in many different vCPU models with a range of performance specifications to meet virtual network deployment needs.  Please refer to the datasheet for more information. 

Can I test drive the FortiGate-VM?

Yes you can.  we suggest going through the FortiGate-VM demo to see the rich capabilities of FortiGate virtual NGFW, and how to deploy firewall, intrustion prevention, VPN, antivirus, and apply other consolidated security functions to virtual workloads, and experience the easy-to-use web interface and contextual displays.  To download the FortiGate-VM free trial please contact your local Fortinet sales representative.