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Fortinet Secure SD-WAN excels in most challenging enterprise SD-WAN deployment tests receiving a second consecutive "Recommended" rating in NSS Labs for SD-WAN Group Test report; while delivering Lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) per Mbps Among All Eight Vendors.

Key Highlights:

  1. Lowest Total cost of Ownership (TCO):  FortiGate Secure SD-WAN showcased significant operational savings with the lowest TCO per Mbps (VPN Throughput) at $4@893Mbps and zero touch provisioning of new branches under six minutes. 
  2. Best User Experience with High Availability: In the extreme conditions such as WAN Link failures, FortiGate SD-WAN delivered the full score of 4.41 and 4.53 for voice and video for best application user experience.  
  3. Industry’s Most Validated NGFW Security Built-In: FortiGate SD-WAN comes with built-in NGFW which has received five consecutive NSS Labs NGFW “Recommendation” ratings. In the latest NSS Labs NGFW group test, FortiGate delivered 99.3% security effectiveness and 100% evasions blocking.


SD-WAN Value Map

In a crowded SD-WAN market, enterprises are finding it increasingly difficult to identify the right solution for them. NSS Labs provides a comprehensive and impartial test, in real-world situations, that identifies the key requirements for SD-WAN and the effectiveness of each solution. The SD-WAN capabilities that were assessed by NSS Labs include Zero-Touch provisioning, WAN Performance, Application-Aware Traffic Steering, Dynamic Path Selection with SLA Measurements and High Availability with WAN Impairments. Fortinet delivered best user experience with High Availability in extreme WAN impairment conditions.

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sd-wan nss lab fortigate 61e

Fortinet FortiGate 61E Test Report

Take a closer look at how Fortinet excelled again NSS Labs SD-WAN Group Test.  Fortinet showcased a number of advantages including lowest TCO, native NGFW security and quality of experience for unified communications. 

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NSS Labs SD-WAN 2018 Value Map and Report

diagram sd wan certification 4

Comparative Report - Performance

NSS Labs SD-WAN Performance Comparative report provides a detailed comparison of all 9 participating vendors for quality of experience and performance. Fortinet showcased the highest quality of experience for business-critical applications such as VoIP and excellent VPN performance.      

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diagram sd wan certification 5

Comparative Report - TCO

NSS Labs SD-WAN TCO Comparative report provides a detailed comparison of all 9 participating vendors for quality of experience and performance. FortiGate SD-WAN has achieved the best price/performance among all 10 vendors with TCO of $5.

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diagram sd wan certification 1

Comparative Report - Value Matrix

Fortinet solutions have consistently demonstrated superior performance and feature quality TCO when put to the test. Recent customer traction shows that organizations around the world are increasingly choosing FortiGate SD-WAN to upgrade their WAN infrastructure.  The 2018 NSS Labs SD-WAN test results further prove that Fortinet delivers the highest quality of experience for VoIP,  the best TCO and the right security to go with it, solidifying FortiGate SD-WAN as a compelling balance of quality, security and value. Take a look at the comparative value matrix report and understand how Fortinet emerged as a top choice for Secure SD-WAN. 

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