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FortiPenTest: Penetration Testing as a Service

On Demand OWASP Top 10 vulnerability-based penetration testing

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FortiPenTest is a cloud-native penetration-testing-as-a-service tool based upon the OWASP Top 10 list of application vulnerabilities, which can be used to find issues before they’re exploited. FortiPenTest leverages our extensive FortiGuard research results and knowledge base to test target systems for security vulnerabilities.

FortiPenTest is a cloud-hosted service and is part of our FortiCloud family of offerings. Yearly subscriptions are available to increase the number of IP / FQDN targets an account can target.


SKU Description
FC-10-FPENT-236-02-DD   Stackable subscription adds 10 IP / FQDN targets to a single FortiPenTest cloud account.

Features and Benefits

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Discover Vulnerabilities

Understand current security shortfalls within the network and critical hosts.
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Fix Key Issues

Take appropriate actions to secure your network.
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In Depth Analysis

Get full details on vulnerabilities and what causes them.

FortiPenTest Product Details

FortiPenTest runs a series of tests and attacks to determine what vulnerabilities a target IP address or Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) is susceptible to. The OWASP Top Ten list is then referenced to ensure the most common issues are tested and validated. FortiPenTest provides full details not only on what vulnerabilities are found, but also what you can do about them, categorized by CVSS severity score.