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Intent-Based Cybersecurity Segmentation

FortiPolicy delivers visibility, segmentation, and automated security recommendations

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FortiPolicy is a powerful agentless platform that enables intent-based cybersecurity. It delivers visibility, segmentation, and automated security recommendations for on-premises data centers.

FortiPolicy improves network visibility by looking at traffic and host communications, including those from workloads and applications. Leveraging machine-learning (ML) technology and utilizing Security Fabric elements FortiSwitch and FortiGate, it enforces intention with automated policy recommendations including segmentation, micosegmentation, firewalling, and more. This provides a powerful tool to limit lateral movement of threats, as well as cyberattacks at the perimeter.

Features and Benefits

Visibility Protection

Continuous Discovery

End-to-end visibility without an agent. Establishes what/how hosts and systems are communicating
AI-ML Powered

ML-Driven Traffic Analysis

Establishes intent between hosts and systems by learning relationships among workloads and apps
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East-West and Perimeter Security

Protects from both perimeter and lateral-movement with segmentation and microsegmentation
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Real-Time Response

Determines and performs actions based on real-time workload and traffic information
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Automates intent-based security policy recommendations to the Security Fabric for efficiency


Monitors traffic and workloads to prevent unauthorized behavior/ enables legitimate communication

FortiPolicy Use Cases

FortiPolicy enables visibility and automated security policy recommendations for intent-based cyber security for on-premises data centers.