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Capturing & Securing Critical Data with IP Video Surveillance Camera

Download the White Paper

When planning an IP video surveillance project, planning the bandwidth requirements upfront is critical. Failure to do so can create a bandwidth bottleneck, which prevents the recording of important incidents—not to mention issues such as degraded video quality, video packet loss, delay, and jitter.

Before starting a project, it is critical that you understand: 

  • How video bandwidth works 
  • Surveillance system network best practices
  • Common IP surveillance camera resolutions 

This white paper will help you gain a fundamental knowledge of issues that could affect video surveillance performance, including six core factors that affect IP video surveillance camera bandwidth: video compression, image quality level, complexity of the scene, video resolution, frame rate per second, and the number of camera and viewing clients.

The white paper will also provide insight into solutions that enable organizations to address common IP surveillance camera resolution issues. For example, FortiCentral helps you avoid bottlenecks, while the FortiCamera Calculator allows you to understand the bandwidth generated by a device. 

To discover how to maximize the performance of your IP video surveillance camera, download the white paper today.