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Swiss Industrial Systems Provider Integrates OT and IT to Enable New Services

“The integration of the FortiGate NGFW has massively increased cybersecurity for our customers. By differentiating between the customer’s IT network and the OT control systems, [FortiGate] creates an environment that is accessible for control and monitoring, yet self-contained and secure.”

– Simon Jauch, Head of SisITServices, Sisag AG


Sisag AG is a leading European supplier of mountain transportation solutions. In addition to its funicular, ski chairlift, and cable-car installations, the organization also provides OT systems that drive, control and monitor the solutions along with the network and security infrastructure. Sisag AG saw a business opportunity to integrate the OT environment with customers’ traditionally separate IT environments. Now, Sisag AG deploys the FortiGate Network Firewall as an integral part of the control systems, connecting the customer’s on-site IT network to the OT systems at the drive station and terminal installations. FortiAP secure wireless access points offer Wi-Fi connectivity across the sites. This secure integration enables Sisag AG to expand its product and service portfolio and generate profitable new revenue streams.

Learn how Sisag AG improves cybersecurity for its customers and positions itself for the future through secure OT and IT integration in this case study.

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