Business and Technology

Celebrating A Decade of Public Sector and Private Industry Collaboration on Cybersecurity with FIRST

For the past decade, Fortinet’s FortiGuard Labs has been a FIRST Team that collaborates with the international confederation of trusted computer incident response teams. Read more about how this collaboration benefits the industry and Fortinet customers.

By Fortinet June 29, 2022

Industry Trends

Cyber Attack Q&A: Stopping Unknown Threats

Fortinet’s Renee Tarun and FortiGuard Labs’ Derek Manky offer their perspective about today's threat landscape and some of the unique challenges around stopping sophisticated unknown threats. Read more.

By Derek Manky and Renee Tarun June 28, 2022

Threat Research

Ukraine Targeted by Dark Crystal RAT (DCRat)

FortiGuard Labs discovered an attack campaign using malicious Excel macros. Read more to find out how it works and evasive tactics used to ultimately install Dark Crystal RAT onto a victim’s machine.


Fortinet XPERTS Summit 2022 Regional Events for Partners

Fortinet is kicking off its annual XPERTS Summit to help Fortinet’s partners continue to advance their cybersecurity expertise and competitive advantage. Read more.

By Fortinet June 27, 2022

Business and Technology

Fast Security for the Encrypted Internet Edge: FortiGate Mid-Range Network Firewalls

FortiGate Next Generation Firewalls (NGFWs) protect enterprises from the branch to the campus, datacenter, and cloud. New FortiGate mid-range models combine security performance and value with features designed to help companies manage their latest digital initiatives, read to learn how.

By Pat Vitalone June 23, 2022