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Single-Vendor SASE Secures Today’s Hybrid Workforce

Learn how a single-vendor SASE approach reduces complexity and provides consistent security to a global hybrid workforce working both on-premises and off.

By Nirav Shah March 30, 2023

FortiGuard Labs Threat Research

3CX Desktop App Compromised (CVE-2023-29059)

FortiGuard Labs highlights how a digitally signed 3CX desktop app was reportedly used in a supply chain attack against 3CX Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) customers. Check back for analysis and coverage updates.

By FortiGuard Labs March 30, 2023

FortiGuard Labs Threat Research

Ransomware Roundup – Dark Power and PayMe100USD Ransomware

In this week's Ransomware Roundup, FortiGuard Labs covers the Dark Power and PayME100USD ransomware along with protection recommendations. Learn more.

By Shunichi Imano and Geri Revay March 30, 2023

FortiGuard Labs Threat Research

Moobot Strikes Again - Targeting Cacti And RealTek Vulnerabilities

FortiGuard Labs examined several attacks targeting Cacti and Realtek vulnerabilities. Understand the payloads of these attacks and their resulting behavior of spreading ShellBot and Moobot malware.

By Cara Lin March 29, 2023

Business and Technology

Meeting Cybersecurity Insurance Requirements and Protecting Privileged Access

With Fortinet's release of FortiPAM, organizations can now more easily meet requirements for cybersecurity insurance. Learn about the latest range of features that ensure secure access to critical assets and ZTNA controls.

By Eric Schwake March 27, 2023