Threat Research

The Story of a Ransomware Turning into an Accidental Wiper

FortiGuard Labs provides a deeper analysis of an open-source Cryptonite ransomware sample that never offers a decryption window, but instead acts as wiper malware. Read to find out more.

By Gergely Revay December 05, 2022

Business and Technology

FortiGuard Labs Contributes to INTERPOL Multinational Cybercrime Suppression Operation in Africa

Recently, FortiGuard Labs provided evidentiary support to INTERPOL and African Member countries as part of the Africa Cyber Surge Operation to help detect, investigate, and disrupt cybercrime. Learn more.

By FortiGuard Labs December 02, 2022

Industry Trends

Now Is The Time for Improved Funding to Support Education Cybersecurity

Fortinet supports calls from the education community for access to stronger network security tools through the modernization of E-Rate eligible services list. Read more about efforts to secure the education sector.

By Bob Turner and Hugh Carroll December 01, 2022


The Importance of Integrated Solutions for MSSPs

Learn why finding integrated and integratable cybersecurity solutions is critical for MSSPs when choosing a cybersecurity vendor.

By Michael O'Brien November 30, 2022

Fortinet Supports ZTNA On-Premises and in the Cloud

Learn how Fortinet gives organizations the option of both cloud-based and on-premises ZTNA, allowing you to own, control, and manage your infrastructure and policies yourself in your own environment.

By Peter Newton November 29, 2022