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RSA Conference: Ransomware and Industrial Spying

By Rick Popko | February 26, 2010

Two of Fortinet's FortiGuard Labs researchers will be on hand at next week's RSA Conference to present their research in the Fortinet booth theater (#2225). The presentations focus on ransomware and industrial spying, two hot topic areas that are on the minds of security professionals at enterprises today. Here is a bit of information:

All Your Data Are Belong To Us Ransomware comes in many shapes and forms, with the most recent variation using malware masquerading as antivirus protection. The goal of an attacker is simple: cripple, lock down and encrypt files/applications, then offer a service to unlock the data. Ransomware has already begun to leave a destructive trail in 2010. Watch as Derek Manky, cyber security and threat researcher, discusses and demonstrates these threats live in the theater.

The Art of Industrial Spying Every organization and individual has more and more confidential or regulated data to manage, with growing amounts of data being moved to digital storage and transferred digitally. This has wedged the door open to data theft and/or manipulation for financial gain, while bypassing physical security measures. Steve Fossen, senior manager of security research and development, will discuss and demonstrate how enterprises can protect their data from this kind of intellectual property theft so that it doesn’t end up in the wrong hands – or on the open market.

Presentations will take place every 30 minutes during show floor hours. Please stop by the Fortinet booth (#2225) for the schedule and for information on these presentations.

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