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Guillaume Lovet nominated for 'best newcomer' at VB2010 Awards

By Rick Popko | November 05, 2010

DSC_0091To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the VB conference, the organization set out to honor some of the most influential security researchers of the past decade. The VB2010 Awards included six categories: greatest contribution to the anti-malware industry, greatest contribution to the anti-spam industry, best educator in the anti-malware industry, most innovative idea in the anti-malware/anti-spam industry, lifetime achievement, and, finally, best newcomer.

Guillaume Lovet, senior manager, threat response team for FortiGuard Labs and technical editor of the FortiGuard blog, was nominated as best newcomer. Lovet has been making significant strides in security research and has made an indelible mark on the security industry over the last 10 years. He's presented memorable research at several VB conferences, including:

  • VB2006: Dirty Money on the Wires: The Business Models of Cybercriminals

  • VB2007: Menace 2 the Wires: Advances in the Business Models of Cybercriminals

  • VB2009: Fighting Cybercrime: Technical, Juridical and Ethical Challenges

Lovet's efforts pioneered research into cybercrime business models, as he was at the forefront of analyzing the virus scene's transition from glory to monetization before the change skyrocketed in 2004.

Lovet has also presented at HackCon, EICAR, AVAR and Black Hat, and was nominated with co-presenter Haifei Li for the pwnie awards for "most innovative research" at Black Hat in 2010.

Congratulations, Guillaume. We're glad to have you on our team.

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