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For your ease of following us: Facebook & Twitter

By Ruchna Nigam | June 20, 2011

A couple of days back, a game of Nerd Truth or Dare in the lab led to the shocking revelation that most of us were using our Facebook/Twitter accounts mainly to keep up with security blogs. Personally, being a twitter non-conformist until recently, I even created a twitter account for this sole purpose. And that led to the realization that FortiGuard Labs need to 'get with it' too.

So here's introducing our Facebook and Twitter pages for your ease of following us.

If you, like us, have tried every RSS aggregator there is under the sun, have been left unsatisfied with each, and then have finally resorted to using social networks as aggregators, you might be happy to know that you can follow FortiGuard Labs through your Twitter or Facebook accounts.

Follow/Like us to keep up with our research, blog posts, threat advisories and other work that we feel you might find interesting.

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