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Airport flight schedule crash (unharmful)

By Axelle Apvrille | May 25, 2010

Waiting for the next transit flight is usually particularly boring, except in a very few circumstances. I was lucky, as this is what happened while I was on my way to CONFIDENCE 2010 in Krakow:

Figure 1. Airport flight schedule, with error message

I am always amused by such errors, especially when they occur in others' code and in unexpected situations. In that particular case, I wonder what happened to nsclient++.exe (a 'secure' monitoring daemon) - apart from obviously a NULL pointer issue - and how this error message is supposed to be of any help to passengers. Well, of course, maybe this was to be seen as one of the first challenges to reverse engineers gathering to CONFIDENCE...

Ah ha. Who's the winner?

-- the Crypto Girl

P.S. By chance, this bug did not affect my flight whatsoever, and I arrived - as expected - in Krakow.

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