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FortiGuard Labs Threat Report: Disruption Key Threat Trend in 2020

Explore security research and threat intelligence highlights from the latest semiannual FortiGuard Labs Global Threat Landscape Report.

By Derek Manky February 24, 2021

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New Bazar Trojan Variant is Being Spread in Recent Phishing Campaign – Part II

FortiGuard Labs recently detected a suspicious email found to be a new variant of the Bazar malware. Read the second part of our research analysis to find out additional details about anti-analysis techniques and more.

By Xiaopeng Zhang February 12, 2021

Threat Research

New Bazar Trojan Variant is Being Spread in Recent Phishing Campaign – Part I

FortiGuard Labs recently noticed a suspicious email through our SPAM monitoring system designed to entice victims into opening a web page to download an executable file. Learn more about our research on this new variant of the Bazar malware.

By Xiaopeng Zhang February 12, 2021

Threat Research

New Variant of Ursnif Continuously Targeting Italy

The FortiGuard Labs team detected a phishing campaign in the wild that was spreading a fresh variant of the Ursnif banking Trojan via an attached MS Word document that is continuously targeting Italy. Learn more.

By Xiaopeng Zhang January 12, 2021

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What We Have Learned So Far about the “Sunburst”/SolarWinds Hack

Recently, it was reported that a nation-state threat actor infiltrated a number of organizations. FortiGuard Labs has worked to uncover details on the attack to ensure our customers are protected. In this blog, we share more on what we have learned and the protections currently provided by products in our portfolio.

By Udi Yavo December 21, 2020

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Adversary Playbook: JavaScript RAT Looking for that Government Cheese

FortiGuard Labs has released a new Adversary Playbook, which provides valuable information on the attack infrastructure, as well as provide new updates about this campaign targeting verticals in the governmental monetary and financial sectors in Asia. Learn more.

By Fred Gutierrez and Val Saengphaibul December 16, 2020

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Leaking Browser URL/Protocol Handlers

FortiGuard Labs uncovers two information disclosure vulnerabilities affecting three web browsers. Read more to learn how an attacker could identify the presence of applications that may be installed on a targeted system.

By Rotem Kerner December 03, 2020

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New Cybersecurity Threat Predictions for 2021

The FortiGuard Labs team unveils cyberthreat predictions for 2021 and beyond, including the strategies they anticipate cybercriminals will employ and how organizations can mitigate these threats.

By FortiGuard Labs November 10, 2020

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FortiGuard Labs Discovers Multiple Critical Vulnerabilities in Multiple Adobe Products

FortiGuard Labs discovered and reported ten critical vulnerabilities in Adobe products. Learn about the details for these vulnerabilities and how to apply the related Adobe patches.

By Peixue Li October 21, 2020

Threat Research

Deep Analysis – The EKING Variant of Phobos Ransomware

FortiGuard Labs takes a deep analysis of the EKING variant of the Phobos ransomware. Learn more.

By Xiaopeng Zhang October 13, 2020