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Strategies for Protecting and Enabling the Remote Workforce

The current pandemic has presented a unique, double-pronged view of change and forced many organizations to embrace dramatic agility and resiliency in their cybersecurity. Learn more.

By Fortinet July 22, 2020

Industry Trends

Long-Term Strategies for Securing Remote Work in 2020 and Beyond

To get a better understanding of what organizations have learned from a cybersecurity perspective as a result of the shift to remote work, read what some of our Fortinet experts have heard from customers and CISOs in the field. Learn more.

Business and Technology

FortiNAC Enables Gettysburg College to Deliver a Quality Wi-Fi Experience

Learn how Gettysburg College leverages Network Access Control solution to gain the ability to see and control every device and user connected to their network.

By Peter Newton July 02, 2020

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Amid Times of Rapid Change, Security Functions Must be Nimble

To effectively defend networks during times of rapid change, security teams need to take a multi-pronged approach that enables agility in security defense. Learn more.

By Fortinet June 23, 2020

Industry Trends

Strategies for Securing OT Environments in the Energy and Utilities Sector

Explore the four strategies OT security leaders in the energy and utility sector can leverage to defend against cyber threats.

By Fortinet June 16, 2020

Industry Trends

Addressing the Needs of Your Remote Super Users

Discover how Fortinet’s Teleworker Solutions secure Super Users—a category of remote workers that require access to sensitive business data.

By John Maddison June 15, 2020

Business and Technology

Evolution of Cyber Threats in OT Environments

2020 marks the 10th anniversary of the Stuxnet discovery. Find out how cyber threats impacting OT security have evolved over the past decade.

By Aamir Lakhani June 11, 2020

Business and Technology

Telework Environment Meets Hospital’s High Performance and Security Standards

Learn how this leading pediatric hospital supports high-performance remote connectivity for radiologists with Fortinet security solutions.

By Renee Tarun June 05, 2020


Partners Ensure Business Continuity for Ongoing Remote Work Initiatives

Explore the opportunities for partners in helping their customers address the key security challenges of remote work long-term.

By Fortinet June 03, 2020

Business and Technology

Government Healthcare Entity Expands Secure COVID-19 Testing Sites

Learn how this national government healthcare entity was able to rapidly secure 20 new COVID-19 testing sites to meet demand with Fortinet Security Fabric solutions, including Fortinet Secure SD-WAN.

By Renee Tarun May 29, 2020