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BlueBorne: Technical Insight

BlueBorne affects devices supporting Bluetooth. As such, the PoC they demoed does not spread over Bluetooth: it takes control of a given Bluetooth victim. Apparently, the researchers said they locally created a botnet. But that was clearly a local inside test, and we have no details regarding the botnet's payload.

By Axelle Apvrille September 19, 2017

Threat Research

New Ransomworm Follows WannaCry Exploits

We are currently tracking a new ransomware variant sweeping across the globe known as Petya. It is currently having an impact on a wide range of industries and organizations, including critical infrastructure such as energy, banking, and transportation systems. This is a new generation of ransomware designed to take advantage of timely exploits. This current version is targeting the same vulnerabilities that we exploited during the recent Wannacry attack this past May. This latest attack, known as Petya, is something we are referring to as...

By Aamir Lakhani June 27, 2017

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Valentine’s day is just around the corner and it would not be fair to let the occasion pass us by without reflecting on the colorful, charming, amorous, sometimes exotic world of malware. In this blog we explore some of the milestone threats that have courted many a user over the years, proving only that there are, in fact, other (meaner) fish in the sea. 1971: The Creeper Virus In 1949, the visionary mathematician John von Neumann conceived the idea of self-replicating automata, even before the existence of the modern computer. Little...

By Michael Perna February 12, 2016