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How to Have a Safe Cyber Summer

Here are seven things to remember to help keep you and your family safe while vacationing online this summer.

By Anthony GiandomenicoJune 27, 2018

Threat Research

The DUHK Vulnerability

There have been some news items floating around the Internet discussing a weakness in the ANSI X9.31 random number generator (RNG) known as DUHK (for Don't Use Hard-coded Keys) that had affected older FortiGate devices. An update was issued more than a year ago when the flaw was first announced to Fortinet.

By FortiGuard SE TeamOctober 24, 2017

Industry Trends

The Cybersecurity Threats Presented by Financial Services Remote Employees

Security and IT professionals at large enterprises across all industries are faced with the daily task of having to secure an expanding attack surface. Vulnerable points of entry used to live within the organization’s walls, where firewalls and inline security tools could protect them. But networks have now evolved into a constantly evolving, borderless environment thanks to cloud usage, the Internet of Things (IoT), and an increasingly mobile workforce. Technological advances, paired with a surge of digitally savvy employees flooding the...

By Bill HoganMay 12, 2017