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FortiGate-VM Next-Generation Firewall Extends Support for VMware NSX-T Data Center

Fortinet is announcing more extensive interoperability between Fortinet’s FortiGate-VM and VMware’s NSX-T Data Center to provide organizations centralized visibility into all workload environments.

By Lior Cohen March 05, 2019

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How One School District is Blazing the Trail to Digital Transformation

One school district has embraced digital transformation and started on a journey to more automation, fewer manual processes, and greater mobility in the classroom. All while working within tight budget constraints and a small IT staff.

By Rajoo Nagar August 24, 2018

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IBM Bluemix Cloud Platform and Fortinet Extend Partnership for Open and Scalable Cloud Security Services

By accelerating application mobility across the hybrid cloud, IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions is blurring the boundaries that often distinguish the operational challenges between private and public clouds.

By Darlene Gannon September 12, 2017

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Seamless Hybrid Cloud Security is Critical for VMware Cloud on AWS

Our FortiGate VM for VMware Cloud on AWS features the identical FortiOS firmware and FortiGuard security services that are delivered for other hypervisors and public clouds.  But because the hybrid cloud raises additional security considerations – issues that we’ve been talking about with customers for more than a year - a major offering like VMware Cloud on AWS really brings those requirements into sharp focus. 

By Warren Wu August 28, 2017

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Scaling the Cloud: OpenStack and Security

OpenStack is the open-source cloud management platform software that can be used to build a low-cost private cloud for development, and cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) offering. Enterprises are also turning to OpenStack for data center and cloud deployment alternatives. Fortinet’s Cynthia Hsieh offers some perspective about OpenStack and security today. Can you talk high level about what customers are considering in regards to the cloud today? Beyond virtualization, organizations are beginning to plan and implement next-generation,...

By John Welton October 25, 2016

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Securing Next-Generation Data Centers

Data Centers are undergoing the most radical transformation since they were first created. For decades, they were walled off and isolated vaults containing some of an organization’s most valued assets. Only a handful of data center shamans were authorized to query that data center for information. It’s no coincidence that that largest data center vendor in the world is named Oracle. But today, everyone from executives to employees and consultants to even customers now have access to data center resources, often using homegrown applications...

By Ronen Shpirer October 17, 2016

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Fortinet Achieves VMware Ready™ Status for Network Functions Virtualization!

Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) offers unprecedented opportunities for service providers to adopt new business models, radically lower costs and increase the speed of innovation and delivery of next-generation services. While the potential benefits of NFV are enormous, ensuring effective security is a key consideration for service providers. Protecting these highly dynamic environments requires a Security Fabric with tightly integrated security and network technologies that share intelligence, and collaborate to detect, isolate, and respond...

By Warren Wu October 17, 2016

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Q&A: Protecting Businesses while Migrating to Clouds and Software-Defined Data Centers with Fortinet

As businesses require more speed and flexibility in delivering applications and services, cloud computing has emerged as the model best aligned to meet the needs of many organizations. Data centers especially are evolving rapidly into both private and public clouds, along with customer demands for fast and secure cloud infrastructure and services. Fortinet’s Warren Wu shares more perspective on the intersection of cloud computing and security technology. At a high level can you talk about the intersection of cloud and security today? Over...

By Darlene Gannon August 30, 2016

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The Best of Both Worlds - How Fortinet is Securing Your Data Center

With each passing day, enterprise networks are evolving. It started with the advent of virtualization, when companies realized that they don’t need a single server per application. Ever since, there has been a consistent march towards the purely virtual data center. While networks are evolving, so are the threats they face on a day-to-day basis. Building a defense using a perimeter firewall is as futile as defending a castle today using a moat. While it can prevent the causal hacker or trespasser, it does little to nothing to protect against...

By Srinath Padmanabhan August 29, 2016

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Q&A: Fortinet Advances Virtual Security Controls for VMware Integrated OpenStack

Fortinet is once again excited to be at VMworld 2016 next week. At our booth we will be showing off new integration with VMware Integrated OpenStack. Fortinet’s Warren Wu shares more detail on the significance of this and our ongoing integration with VMware. Can you talk about Fortinet’s latest tech advancements with VMware? What is new? To further demonstrate Fortinet’s commitment to help organizations securely benefit from the agility, scale and cost efficiencies of the cloud, Fortinet is announcing that it is the...

By Darlene Gannon August 25, 2016