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New Agent Tesla Variant Spreading by Phishing

Read this threat analysis from FortiGuard Labs to learn more about a new version of Agent Tesla. It examines how this variant spreads in the victim’s system, what data it steals from the victim’s device, as well as how it submits that stolen data back to its command and control server.

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Simple Steps to Protect You Against COVID-19 Social Engineering Attacks

Discover how you can protect against increasingly common COVID-19 social engineering attacks.

By Renee TarunMarch 23, 2020

Threat Research

Ryuk Revisited - Analysis of Recent Ryuk Attack

Find out more about the tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) of a recently discovered Ryuk ransomware variant to ensure that you can detect and protect against it.

Threat Research

Attackers Taking Advantage of the Coronavirus/COVID-19 Media Frenzy

Over the past several weeks, FortiGuard Labs has been observing a significant increase in both legitimate and malicious activity surrounding the Coronavirus. Read more.

Threat Research

Offense and Defense – A Tale of Two Sides: PowerShell

Read the first installment of the new blog series, "Offense and Defense - A Tale of Two Sides," for an analysis of the ever-popular tool: PowerShell.

By Anthony GiandomenicoMarch 02, 2020

Threat Research

Deep Analysis of New Metamorfo Variant Targeting Customers of Brazilian Financial Organizations

Read about a new variant of the Metamorfo malware targeting Brazilian financial organizations, in this analysis from FortiGuard Labs.

By Xiaopeng Zhang January 15, 2020

Threat Research

Predator the Thief: Analysis of Recent Versions

FortiGuard Labs has been monitoring a new release of the malware known as Predator the Thief, labeled as version 3.3.4. Read more about its latest set of capabilities in this analysis.

By Yueh-Ting ChenJanuary 06, 2020

Threat Research

DeathRansom Part II: Attribution

In part two of our DeathRansom blog series, FortiGuard Labs researchers try to shed light on how this DeathRansom campaign is connected with other campaigns, and who might be behind them.

Threat Research

The Curious Case of DeathRansom: Part I

Read FortiGuard Labs' analysis of a new strain of ransomware dubbed DeathRansom.

By Minh TranJanuary 02, 2020

Threat Research

Introducing BIOLOAD: FIN7 BOOSTWRITE’s Lost Twin

Learn more about BIOLOAD, a malware recently attributed to the cybercrime group FIN7.

By Omri MisgavDecember 26, 2019