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CISA Issues Multiple Agency Malware Analysis Reports on Hidden Cobra

HIDDEN COBRA has been linked to multiple high profile attacks which have caused massive infrastructure disruptions, as well as financially motivated attacks in various parts of the world. Learn more.

By Val SaengphaibulFebruary 14, 2020

Industry Trends

Unseen Dangers—Obfuscation Tools & Cybercrime

Ever since the arrival of advanced persistent threats, obfuscation technologies have existed to help cybercriminals evade security detection and tracing. It’s an ongoing evolution of technology on the bad guys’ end. It really started with antivirus evasion, years ago.  Today, we have about 500,000 virus samples coming into FortiGuard Labs every day. A lot of those are from the same virus family, but they’re polymorphic—which means they use binary packers to shift the nature of the code every few seconds to try and...

By Derek MankyMarch 21, 2016