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Security Services Bridge Gaps Caused by Fragmented Network Environments

If organizations want to get out ahead of the criminal community that wants to steal, hijack, or ransom that data, they will have to rethink their approach to security. Deploying effective security services help bridge the gap between traditionally isolated security devices.

By John MaddisonMay 29, 2018

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Fortinet and IBM: Working Together to Address Today’s Digital Transformation Challenges

To help organizations adapt to the new realities of the emerging digital marketplace and the related threats targeting digital businesses, IBM Security just announced X-Force Threat Management. We are also pleased to announce that this news also includes that Fortinet was selected to be a key security partner in this new offering

By FortinetApril 17, 2018

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The Next Generation of Healthcare Cybersecurity

Digital transformation in healthcare has inspired a slew of new, advanced cyberattacks. As a result, healthcare providers must now transform how they approach network security. Learn about the expanding threat landscape and how Fortinet is ushering in this next generation of security.

By Troy RobertsMarch 07, 2018

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Integrating Artificial Intelligence into Cybersecurity: AI and Transparency Level the Playing Field

In our last post we talked about some of the AI tools (AEE, AutoCPRL, etc.) that Fortinet has developed, and how the specialist teams at FortiGuard Labs around the world collaborate to detect, mitigate, and prevent threats of all shapes and sizes. But all of that happens in the background. How do these innovations and techniques translate into actionable tactics and strategies that decision-makers and CISOs can employ toda, to protect their IP, data, and networks from an increasing number of bad actors and adversaries? The key to cyber security...

By Jack ChanSeptember 10, 2017