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Industry Trends

New Attacks and Old Attacks Made New

Although cybercriminals depend on innovation in order to stay ahead of security safeguards, they are still subject to maximizing ROI. Generally, new attacks are outnumbered by reconfigured malware and the resurrection of old attacks in a new wrapper.

By FortinetApril 25, 2019

Industry Trends

Combatting the Transformation of Cybercrime

The volume of cyberattacks is growing at an unprecedented rate, increasing as much as nearly 80% for some organizations during the final quarter of 2017. One reason for this acceleration in the attack cycle is that in order for malware to succeed today it needs to spread further and faster than even before. This allows cybercriminals to stay a step ahead of new efforts by vendors to improve their delivery of updated signatures and patches.

By John MaddisonMarch 20, 2018