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TLS 1.3: What This Means For You

TLS 1.3 was released last summer, and it has some important ramifications for securing your critical data.

By Alex Samonte March 15, 2019


Addressing the Growth of SSL-Encrypted Traffic Volume with FortiGate’s NGFW

Today, businesses and organizations are relying more on SSL-encrypted traffic than ever before. Learn how Fortinet’s NGFW secures SSL traffic without compromising on overall firewall performance.

By Nirav ShahAugust 07, 2018

Industry Trends

You Can’t Protect What You Can’t See

How many of us would hire a home security company that sent a representative to our house to tell us to remove all our lightbulbs so that it was pitch black inside? Sure, it would make it much more difficult for the burglars to find their way around. But with no way to turn the lights on, it would also be almost impossible to find the intruders—or determine whether there had been a break-in at all.

By Phil QuadeMarch 26, 2018

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Can your Firewall do This?

FortiGate 7060E – Delivering Layer 7 Security without Performance Compromises In today’s cloud scale data centers, security is front and center. The changing threat landscape, more and increasingly diverse threats, and much larger attack surfaces have made security top of mind for CIOs and IT teams worldwide. Networks are undergoing a radical transformation. With over 35B IoT devices attaching to networks, and a global cloud revolution fueled by a hyper-connected digital economy and driven by data, by 2020 almost all traffic entering...

By Rajoo NagarApril 10, 2017

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Introducing the World’s Fastest and Most Secure Distributed Enterprise Firewall

                            Distributed enterprises are undergoing a dramatic change, driven by the adoption of mobility, direct Internet access, public cloud applications, and the Internet of Things (IoT). This has resulted in an exponential increase in devices, users, bandwidth, and transactions flooding their networks through the cloud applications. At the same time, the...

By Nirav ShahJuly 26, 2016