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Using the FortiGuard Labs Threat Landscape Report to Defend Against Evolving Cybercrime

Learn about threat trends uncovered in FortiGuard Labs' latest Global Threat Landscape Report.

By FortiGuard Labs February 26, 2020

Threat Research

New Spam Campaign Impersonates a Variety of Government Agencies from Different Countries

Learn more about a recent spam campaign that has been targeting IT services, manufacturing, and healthcare organizations by impersonating a number of government agencies from a variety of countries.

By Jeannette Jarvis November 21, 2019

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New Variant of Remcos RAT Observed In the Wild

Recently, we identified several new spam samples as a Remcos RAT campaign. Read more about our analysis of this threat.

By Xiaopeng Zhang and Chris Navarrete October 21, 2019

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Newly Discovered Infostealer Attack Uses LokiBot

The FortiGuard Labs SE team recently identified a new malicious spam campaign utilizing the well documented infostealer LokiBot. Learn more.

By FortiGuard SE Team September 09, 2019

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Undocumented Excel Variable Used in Malicious Spam Run Targeting Japanese Users

The FortiGuard SE group discovered a malware campaign that had been using social engineering techniques to target Japanese citizens. Learn more.

By FortiGuard SE Team June 28, 2019

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GandCrab V4.0 Analysis: New Shell, Same Old Menace

It has been over two months since GandCrab has undergone a major update. While this latest version includes an overhaul in terms of the code structure, its major purposes are practically the same.

By Joie Salvio July 09, 2018

Threat Research

GandCrab 2.1 Ransomware on the Rise with New Spam Campaign

Recently, FortiGuard Labs has been observing a surge in an email spam campaign delivering the latest GandCrab v2.1 ransomware. This article provides a basic overview of this malicious campaign, and points out details that can help users identify it.

Threat Research

Locky Strikes Another Blow, Diablo6 Variant Starts Spreading Through Spam

A few days ago, while scouring through Fortinet’s Kadena Threat Intelligence System (KTIS), we found an emerging spam campaign. Initially, it was the scale that caught our attention, and then it got a lot more interesting when the payload was found out to be a new variant of the infamous Locky.