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Connecting Passengers to their Perfect Cruise Experience

Network access has become an important part of life onboard cruise ships. Fortinet has allowed TUI to make the most of its existing infrastructure and helped it to plan for its digital communication strategies moving forward.

By Fortinet December 21, 2018

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Wi-Fi, IoT, and BYOD: Securing Complex Environments

The lack of control you have over your “edge” network makes your entire network vulnerable. This is why an integrated and cohesive approach to cybersecurity is critical to defend these new headless and BYOD device environments. And the reality is that if you really want security at the wireless access portion of your network, you need a topology that extends network security all the way to the endpoint device.

By Chris Hinsz May 01, 2018

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FortiCast: The New Podcast about Fortinet Technology

FortiCast, the new podcast about Fortinet technology, available now on iTunes, SoundCloud, and YouTube, as well as the podcast app of your choice.

By Victoria Martin November 22, 2016