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Three Options for Managing Secure Wireless Access

When searching for a wireless access infrastructure solution, network leaders should look for the following key attributes.

By Chris Hinsz June 22, 2018

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Protecting Higher Education Networks with Secure Access Architecture

Colleges and universities have unique wireless network and security needs. They are typically densely-populated and highly-collaborative environments. Students and faculty alike rely on a consistent wireless connection that allows them fast and constant communication with each other across campuses and buildings. They require access to various online resources and publications to conduct research for assignments and lesson plans, as well as access to various applications and software solutions to record, present, and share their findings. Furthermore,...

By Susan Biddle October 27, 2017

Industry Trends

Securing Network Access

Market analysts estimate that by 2020 each person will own 26 IP-enabled devices, and over 50 billion IoT devices will come online. Each of these will need to transmit and receive data, run applications, perform transactions, and access services. At the same time, the line between our private and our public lives, including our work lives, will continue to blur. Because the network is the nexus point for this convergence, network borders are becoming increasingly porous, data it needs to process is growing exponentially, and the corporate network...

By Bill McGee May 11, 2016