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Threat Research

Critical SamSam Ransomware Update

An overview of how to defend your organization from SamSam and other ransomware.

By FortiGuard SE Team July 31, 2018

Threat Research

GandCrab: Honor among Thieves?

GandCrab is the first ransomware to hit the spotlight this year. Known as the first ransom malware to use DASH cryptocurrency as a payment, it has hit more than 50,000 victims according to a report from Europol.

By Joie Salvio and Artem Semenchenko March 16, 2018

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What Does a Ransomware Attack in Healthcare Really Cost?

Ransomware attacks are becoming more prolific in the healthcare sector to great cost. Learn how much ransomware really costs healthcare, as well as the best defense strategies.

By Susan Biddle August 24, 2017