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Circle of the fraud: more information about Bitcoin Orcus RAT campaign

FortiGuard Labs continues to investigate a series of attacks on Bitcoin users. In our first blog, we provided a deep analysis of malicious samples from the Bitcoin Orcus RAT campaign. In this second part, we recreate the full path of a multistage complex attack, shed some light on some other activities of these criminal actors, and reveal their possible identities. Failed attempt is a popular place to trade for bitcoins. In 2015 there was a simple and straightforward attack on its users. Somebody registered a...

By Artem Semenchenko and Evgeny Ananin December 22, 2017

Threat Research

A Peculiar Case of Orcus RAT Targeting Bitcoin Investors

FortiGuards Labs has spotted a new phishing campaign that targets bitcoin investors by offering Gunbot, a relatively new bitcoin trading bot application. However, instead of being a tool designed to ensure more profit, it serves an Orcus RAT malware that result in the loss of investments and more.

By Floser Bacurio and Joie Salvio December 07, 2017