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COOs and the Evolving Prioritization of OT Cybersecurity

As OT environments evolve, so do the responsibilities of the COO. Discover key trends and challenges around this expanding role, as highlighted in Fortinet’s latest report on the COO and OT cybersecurity.

By Peter Newton April 08, 2020

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Playing Nice – The Need for Collaboration for Successful IT/OT Convergence

Discover how IT/OT convergence is key for organizations to meet evolving business demands, establish enterprise agility, and maintain a strong cybersecurity profile.

By Dino-Boris Dougoud March 03, 2020

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Smart Buildings – Securing Your New Attack Surface

Learn how a security-first approach can protect a smart building's cyber environment from bad actors.

By Fortinet November 07, 2019

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Securing the Industrial Internet of Things in OT Networks

In many organizations, traditional IT and critical Operational Technology (OT) networks are being merged to take advantage of the speed and efficiency of today’s digital marketplace.

By Rick Peters December 18, 2018

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The Evolving Threat Landscape - Looking at Our 2018 Predictions

Over the past several months, the FortiGuard Labs team has been tracking a number of evolving trends related to the FortiGuard 2018 Threat Landscape Predictions. This mid-year update provides new details concerning recent advances in some of the techniques and malware tied to those predictions.

By Derek Manky August 29, 2018

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Why Network and Security Operations Centers Should be Doing More

In today’s complex ecosystem of hyperconnected digital networks, NOC-only or SOC-only techniques are insufficient.

By John Maddison July 03, 2018

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Digital Business Requires Digital Security

This same data must also be protected as it moves across systems, applications, devices, and the multi-cloud. Which means that security needs to be able to seamlessly extend to the farthest reaches of the network, and even to those elements that may not even be in the network yet. It must also be found at every point of data interaction, not just at the perimeters or to secure north-south traffic. This represents a fundamental change in how security must be approached. It’s no longer just about the placement of security in the different parts of the network. It goes far beyond that.

By John Maddison May 10, 2018

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Fortinet is a Preferred Partner for Securing ICS/SCADA Systems

In a study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Fortinet this past January 2018, 429 global decision-makers across a wide variety of industries, responsible for the security of their organization’s critical infrastructure, IP level protection, IoT, and/or SCADA, were asked about this convergence process and the security challenges they are facing.

By Peter Newton May 09, 2018

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Is Converging Your IT and OT Networks Putting Your Organization at Risk?

The convergence that is enabling new agile business models is also introducing significant new risks, many of which are catching organizations entirely unprepared. For example, nearly 90% of organizations have now experienced a security breach within their Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition and Industrial Control Systems (SCADA/ICS) architectures, with more than half of those breaches occurring in just the last 12 months.

By John Maddison May 09, 2018

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Looking Back to Look Ahead: Cyber Threat Trends to Watch

Organizations today face an unprecedented volume of increasingly sophisticated threats as they conduct online operations. As the potential attack surface expands and attack volumes increase, it is imperative to track the most popular and successful strategies of cybercriminals to stay ahead of their malicious intentions.

By Derek Manky April 12, 2018