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Fortinet Continues to Address the Skills Gap with Additional Free Cybersecurity Training

Building on our commitment to raising cybersecurity awareness and closing the cybersecurity skills gap, Fortinet has added a new (free) training course, FortiGate Essentials, to the Network Security Expert (NSE) Institute training and certification program.

By Rob Rashotte March 30, 2020

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Getting to NSE Level 8: A Conversation with Sylvia Schlaphof

Sylvia Schlaphof, the first woman to achieve Level 8 certification through Fortinet’s Network Security Expert (NSE) program, sat down to discuss her involvement in and passion for cybersecurity, as well as her experience with the NSE Institute. Learn more.

By Fortinet July 30, 2019

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Addressing the Cybersecurity Skills Gap Requires a Global Effort

Find out how governments, organizations, and educational institutions need to work together to address the cybersecurity skills gap.

By Fortinet January 28, 2019

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Why Education and Training are Essential for Closing the Cybersecurity Skills Gap

Trained and experienced cybersecurity professionals are increasingly difficult to hire. To close this skills gap, organizations must change their approach to education and training. Learn how organizations can be proactive in bringing new cybersecurity professionals up to speed.

By Scott Edwards October 09, 2018

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Bridging the Cybersecurity Skills Gap with the Fortinet Network Security Academy

Addressing today’s cybersecurity gap requires trained professionals equipped with knowledge and skills needed to defend against modern cyberattacks. In this effort, Fortinet has developed the Network Security Academy to educate future cybersecurity professionals.

By Jennifer Teeters July 20, 2018


Helping Facilitate Partner Success with NSE 8 Certification

The modern threat landscape is complex. Today, customers require equally complex security solutions to maintain an effective security posture. By completing Fortinet’s NSE 8 certification, partners can master the techniques and solutions needed to combat today’s more advanced threats.

By Scott Edwards July 11, 2018


Addressing the Cybersecurity Skills Shortage with Automation

The cybersecurity skills shortage is impacting businesses across the globe. As cyber threats continue to evolve, organizations are struggling to keep up. Automation can mitigate the skills shortage while effectively securing against cyberattack.

By Jeannette Jarvis May 08, 2018

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Fostering Collaboration and Intelligence Sharing at Accelerate 2018

Learn about the keynote sessions being delivered at Fortinet’s Accelerate conference, and the key takeaways for IT professionals across verticals.

By Mike Morgan February 06, 2018


Growth Opportunities for Partners at Accelerate 2018

Fortinet is excited to be meeting with our partners at this year’s Accelerate conference, which promises to be the largest one yet. Around 2,000 thought leaders, IT and security experts, partners, and customers will convene in Las Vegas from February 26th – March 1st to attend keynotes and breakout sessions, network, and collaborate.

By Jon Bove January 15, 2018

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Come to Vegas in February for Accelerate 2018!

We have just announced our annual Fortinet Accelerate global partner and user conference, taking place on February 26 – March 1, 2018 at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. This year we are expecting more than 2,000 customers, partners, industry leaders, and technical experts to come together to share industry trends and discuss the latest advances in technologies and strategies.

By Mike Morgan December 20, 2017