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Five Essentials for Your SD-Branch Security Deployments

Expanding organizations need a comprehensive strategy that’s specifically designed to secure local branch networks. Learn five best practices for managing SD-Branch edge security deployments.

By Fortinet December 09, 2019

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FortiGate 60F: The Top NGFW with SD-WAN Now Accelerated by a Purpose-Built Security Processor

Learn more about Fortinet's new FortiGate 60F, a full-featured SD-WAN and NGFW solution powered by the new SCO4 security processor to accelerate and enhance cloud and WAN connectivity.

By Nirav Shah October 31, 2019

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Fortinet Receives 6th Consecutive “Recommend” Rating in NSS Labs 2019 NGFW Group Test

Fortinet has received its sixth consecutive "Recommended" rating in NSS Labs NGFW Group Test 2019. Learn more about these testing results.

By Muhammad Abid and Alex Samonte July 17, 2019

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How CSPs Can Secure a Network of IoT Devices

Across industry after industry, Internet of Things (IoT) devices are transforming operations, and communication service providers (CSPs) are helping companies deploy and utilize these technologies. That raises new security concerns for service providers.

By Simon Bryden February 25, 2019

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Turnkey Fortinet Solutions Part of New Marketplace for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Fortinet is proud to have been one of the first cloud security solutions offered on the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

By Lior Cohen February 13, 2019

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Robust Security with Intent-based Segmentation 

Fortinet announced, a new series of high-performance FortiGate NGFWs that enable organizations to implement intent-based segmentation deep into their security architecture.

By Muhammad Abid and Alex Samonte February 06, 2019

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Fortinet and Symantec Join Forces to Help Organizations Move their Security to the Cloud

Bringing two global industry leaders together to provide enterprise-class capabilities across cloud, network, and endpoint security is a remarkable event and reflects a deep commitment to the security of our mutual customers.

By John Maddison December 11, 2018

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Fortinet Again Recognized by Gartner as an Enterprise Firewall Magic Quadrant Leader

In addition to having again been recognized by Gartner as an Enterprise Firewall MQ leader, we believe Fortinet is also the most certified security vendor in the industry.

By Nirav Shah October 08, 2018

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Fortinet Receives Recommended Rating in Latest NSS Labs NGFW Report

While NGFW solutions continue to be the linchpin security technology for the network, in today’s cloud and SSL-centric business environments not all NGFW solutions are created equal.

By Nirav Shah July 17, 2018


The Security Risks Presented by Complex Networks

Regardless of the industry, vertical, or market segment they compete in, your customers’ network architectures are becoming more distributed and complex. Where networks were once largely built around isolated data centers, they now connect with the cloud, applications, and various IoT devices. This trend promises to continue moving forward, with the number of connected devices in use expected to grow to 125 billion by 2030.

By Nirav Shah May 01, 2018