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Fortinet to Sponsor the MEF18 Global Networking Event

A member of MEF since 2017, Fortinet brings its expertise as a security leader to MEF’s vision of enabling agile services for the digital economy. As a result, Fortinet has recently been named to chair a MEF committee on Security-as-a Service (SECaaS).

By Fortinet October 26, 2018

Business and Technology

Fortinet Recognized as a Challenger in the First Gartner WAN Edge MQ

The Gartner Magic Quadrant for WAN Edge Infrastructure was just released and we believe our placement as the challenger with furthest completion of vision is the result of our recent strategic motions and product innovations.

By Nirav Shah October 23, 2018

Industry Trends

Fighting Network Silos

The problems created by old hub-and-spoke network architectures are happening again with the advent of the cloud. Following these strategies can avoid building a new set of silos.

By John Maddison September 05, 2018

Industry Trends

Could 5G Mutate the Threat Landscape?

IoT and 5G are important technological achievements that are changing the world. However, this optimism needs to be tempered with clear thinking and planning if we want to keep up with the consequent evolution of the threat landscape happening at the same time.

By Steve Mulhearn June 07, 2018

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Realizing the Full Potential of Secure SD-WAN

The decision to deploy an SD-WAN may be straightforward, extracting the full range of benefits requires an in-depth evaluation of a variety of other supporting components. If ignored, it is all too easy for the enticements of speed and agility to overshadow some of the more fundamental needs of a corporate environment, such as security.

By John Maddison May 21, 2018

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Building an Adaptive and Secure SD-WAN Framework

SD-WAN experts and industry analysts point out that an optimal enterprise SD-WAN solution needs to not only support WAN performance requirements, but also address security priorities.

By Shalini Sundaram May 17, 2018

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Do You Want an SD-WAN with Basic Security or Robust Secure SD-WAN

As network leaders assess their SD-WAN options, however, what is often missing from their deliberations is how to adequately address security risks. SD-WAN vendors are increasingly embedding security features into their offerings, but these tend to be basic, Layer 3 network controls and not the robust security functions that these environments require.

By Nirav Shah January 11, 2018