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Why Network Segmentation Matters

Learn more about implementing an internal network segmentation strategy using security devices designed specifically for today’s performance requirements to ensure that business objectives don’t expose an organization to unnecessary risk.

By Nirav ShahMarch 05, 2020

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Bridging the Gap Between IT and OT

Discover how OT leaders can realize the potential of digital innovation without compromising the security of manufacturing environments.

By FortinetFebruary 10, 2020

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Cybersecurity Integration: A Q&A with Fortinet’s Phil Quade

Fortinet’s CISO, Phil Quade, recently sat down for an interview with Dan Woods from Early Adopter Research to discuss top of mind trends for CISOs, including cloud security and portfolio pruning.

By FortinetJuly 01, 2019

Threat Research

Securing the Network Edge

The Cyber Threat Alliance expects to see attacks on edge devices continue to rise over time. This blog adds some context to the Joint Analysis published by the CTA to serve as context and background.

By Aamir LakhaniApril 30, 2019

Business and Technology

Achieving Business Goals with Intent-based Segmentation

Fortinet announced, a new series of high-performance FortiGate NGFWs that enable organizations to implement intent-based segmentation deep into their security architecture.

By Muhammad Abid and Alex SamonteFebruary 06, 2019

Threat Research

Thrip ATP Attack Update

In conjunction with the Cyber Threat Alliance, Symantec today released their blog post on an APT (advanced persistent threat) group codenamed "Thrip.” As part of our membership with the Cyber Threat Alliance (CTA), we have received these indicators ahead of publication to ensure that FortiGuard customers are protected from this latest disclosure.

By FortiGuard SE TeamJune 19, 2018

Business and Technology

Convergence of IoT and Access Control Technology

Today, Fortinet completed the acquisition of Bradford Networks.

By FortinetJune 04, 2018

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Wi-Fi, IoT, and BYOD: Securing Complex Environments

The lack of control you have over your “edge” network makes your entire network vulnerable. This is why an integrated and cohesive approach to cybersecurity is critical to defend these new headless and BYOD device environments. And the reality is that if you really want security at the wireless access portion of your network, you need a topology that extends network security all the way to the endpoint device.

By Chris Hinsz May 01, 2018

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Data Breaches Are A Growing Epidemic. How Do You Ensure You’re Not Next?

Frequent reports of large data breaches are alarming for everyone. Customers worry about the implications of having their financial and personal information hijacked. The organizations that were compromised worry about both the near-term and the long-term effects on their business. And other organizations worry if they will be next.

By FortiGuard SE TeamApril 03, 2018

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Get Ahead of Evolving Healthcare Cyberthreats

Q: Why are conventional firewalls no longer enough? A: They never were to begin with. We caught up with Don Kopanoff at HIMSS 2016 to talk about the current state of security – and for him, it’s all about the rising complexity of threats. Last year, for example, upwards of 90 percent of identified viruses were unknown to the firewalls they infiltrated – meaning that if a firewall’s definitions aren’t aggressively updated, each passing day presents a new vulnerability. The increasing reliance on distributed...

By Susan BiddleMay 20, 2016