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Industry Trends

Keeping Up With the Performance Demands of Encrypted Web Traffic

The total percentage of encrypted web traffic is up in recent years. Learn more about how this could be a hidden opportunity for cybercriminals and how to keep up with the demands of encrypted traffic.

By Nirav ShahAugust 04, 2020

Industry Trends

Selecting a Secure SD-WAN Solution That Addresses All Key Requirements

Organizations are turning to SD-WAN solutions to ensure fast, scalable, and flexible connectivity across the corporate network. Learn how organizations can enable digital innovation with the right Secure SD-WAN solution.

By Nirav ShahAugust 03, 2020

Threat Research

Tutorial of ARM Stack Overflow Exploit against SETUID Root Program

FortiGuard labs presents another technique on how to exploit a classic buffer overflow vulnerability against a SETUID root program when ASLR is enabled. Learn more on how to use data from a local file, instead of stdin, to cause a stack overflow.

By Kai LuJuly 31, 2020

Threat Research

Offense and Defense – A Tale of Two Sides: Group Policy and Logon Scripts

Learn about the 4th installment in this blog series, focusing on different tactics and techniques malicious actors use to complete their cyber missions—and how organizations can detect and ultimately prevent them.

By Anthony Giandomenico July 31, 2020

Business and Technology

Automotive Company Selects Fortinet to Provide Robust Security and Connectivity

Learn how this automotive company leverages Fortinet’s Security Fabric platform and Secure SD-WAN solution to meet evolving business requirements and achieve their digital innovation goals.

By Nirav ShahJuly 30, 2020

Industry Trends

Prioritize Cybersecurity Awareness in Reopening Plans

As restaurants around the country start to reopen, there are many cybersecurity lessons to be learned from recent months during transition. Read more.

By FortinetJuly 29, 2020

Industry Trends

Themes and Lessons Learned from COVID-19 Cyberattacks

Throughout the pandemic, threat actors have continued to launch cyberattacks as a means of capitalizing on fear, uncertainty, and doubt. Learn more.

By FortinetJuly 28, 2020

Industry Trends

Staying Up-to-Date with Today’s Evolving Cyber Threat Landscape

Read insights from FortiGuard Labs researchers about the recent shifts to remote work and how it has forced new learnings in business agility as cybercriminals are becoming more sophisticated.

Business and Technology

Education Organization Delivers High Performance Security with FortiGate NGFWs

Learn how this education organization chose to adopt FortiGate NGFWs to provide comprehensive threat protection for thousands of schools as they look to secure their multiple network locations.

By Muhammad AbidJuly 24, 2020

Industry Trends

Ensuring Mission Continuity Through Federal Government Cybersecurity

Leaders from our Fortinet Federal team discuss the key cybersecurity challenges facing Federal agencies and how they can effectively protect mission data and critical infrastructures against advanced cyber threats. Learn more.